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Rotational Atherectomy:
From Zero to Hero 
Claudia Cosgrove
Cutting Balloon in Calcific Disease
James Spratt
School of Rock Series: Mastering Coronary Calcified Lesions - Live Case #1


IVUS Educational Journey - Module 1 Fundamentals to Start the Journey of IVUS Interpretation
IVUS Educational Journey - Module 2 Master IVUS Devices & Measurements to Optimize PCI
Quantification of Calcium & Post-PCI Calcium Modification Assessment
Akiko Maehara


Case#1 of LM Bifurcation Live Case Series: The Process behind the Procedure - Introduction to LM PCI
Case#2 of LM Bifurcation Live Case Series: The Role & Utility of IVUS in LM PCI
Case#3 of LM Bifurcation Live Case Series: Approach to LMS & Choosing Stent Strategy


Epicardial Collateral Navigation
Roberto Diletti
Complex Chronic Total Occlusion of the Right Coronary Artery
Pierfrancesco Agostoni
Proximal LAD CTO PCI: Live Case from CTO Live Aid 2020


Join our School of Rock, a series of free interactive learning experiences to master and listen to the Rock. These short sessions bring together experts from all over the world to discuss treatment options to master coronary calcified lesions. Review options for calcium treatment | Appreciate the value of IVUS guidance in calcified lesions | Discuss tips and tricks for rotational atherectomy and cutting balloon angioplasty.
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Join our Left Main Bifurcation Live Case series, your step-by-step LM educational journey. Connect to 11 Live Case Centres, with education provided by over 30 of the top KOLs around the world, in short one hour live case sessions. Break down the complexity of LMPCI in an algorithmic step-by-step approach |Get a comprehensive look at not only the procedure but the evidence behind the decisions | View experts’ perspective on how LMPCI is performed in a contemporary setting.
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Join the first edition of a new educational program series with focus on CHIP and protected PCI, chaired by Dr Kambis Mashayekhi & Dr Javier Escaned and co-sponsored by Abiomed & Boston Scientific. Learn about: importance of hemodynamic support in performing optimal revascularization in high-risk patients | proper patient selection with hemodynamic support as key success factor to improve PCI performance and long-term outcomes | valuable practical tips & tricks on the practice of hemodynamic support in complete revascularization in CHIP procedure.
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