Dr. Reddy and Dr. Holmes Comment on the Recent WATCHMAN™ Post-FDA Approval, Initial US Clinical Experience Presented at TCT 2016

What is the Impact of These Data from the Perspective of an EP and an IC?

The purpose of the Post-FDA Approval, Initial US Clinical Experience with WATCHMAN was to analyze procedural safety data of the WATCHMAN device during the US post-approval launch. From March 2015 - May 2016, 3,822 patients received a WATCHMAN device for left-atrial appendage closure at 169 US centers – more than all the clinical trials combined. Successful implants occurred in 95.6% of cases, and 50% of the implants were performed by new operators. Safety complication rates were low and consistent with clinical trial results.
  • 1.02% of patients experienced a pericardial tamponade (2/3 of which were treated percutaneously, without the need for surgery).
  • An additional 0.29% of patients demonstrated pericardial effusion without hemodynamic effect, requiring no intervention.
  • Device embolization, procedure-related stroke, and mortality rates also remained low at 0.24%, 0.08% and 0.08%, respectively
Vivek Reddy, MD co-principal investigator quote

David R. Holmes, MD, co-principal investigator quote
David R. Holmes, MD, co-principal investigator


The WATCHMAN Experience in Perspective

Presented by Holmes at TCT 2016
The WATCHMAN Experience - Procedural Success
The WATCHMAN Experience - Outcomes Post-FDA Approval
The WATCHMAN Experience - Complications Comparison

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