Complex PCI Case with Dr. Paul Teirstein

Dr. Teirstein expertly approaches a previously failed PCI in a lesion with heavy calcification requiring the use of rotational atherectomy, advanced access techniques, and physiological significance measurement.

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Experts Weigh in on Approaching the Most Complex Coronary Patients

Drs. Jeff Moses and Nick Lembo discuss a systematic approach to achieving complete revascularization in high-risk patients with complex anatomy and the positive impact that appropriate PCI of these patients can have on a practice.
What defines a PCI or patient population as “complex”?
Recent trends in identification and treatment of complex patients
Appropriateness of PCI in complex patients
Gaps in identification and management of complex patients
Impact of imaging and pressure wires on patient management
Prevalence of CTOs in complex, high-risk patients
Next steps for complex PCI program development