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A key challenge in modern healthcare management

Continuous advancements bring huge benefits to patients. The associated costs, however, can lead to decision-making difficulties for healthcare institutions.

Managing these often requires collaboration between different stakeholders across hospital departments.

Innovative solutions are needed to ensure patient care continues to advance as procurement strategies are transformed from price-driven product purchasing towards a complex system of tenders and negotiations.
Making advancements in HPB accessible

An innovative solution from Boston Scientific

To facilitate this transition, we offer partnership pricing and operational models that allow you to maintain focus on patient care and access to innovation while keeping costs predictable and manageable.

We work closely with hospitals and healthcare institutions, using our operational expertise to tailor financial solutions to your specific needs.

Our partnership solutions range from inventory service management to bespoke contracting and pricing models.

Service focus: Payment per Procedure (PPP)

PPP is an innovative service that sees us working closely with centers to enable affordable access to technology and optimize operational efficiencies.

We collaborate with hospitals to identify procedures that can vary in cost (eg, ERCP, which can range from hundreds up to thousands of dollars1). By sharing information with one another, we can build a model to determine a single price that covers the materials used for the procedures performed within a set period.
Service focus:  Payment per  Procedure (PPP)
The program includes full inventory management
The program includes full inventory management, as well as a simplified ordering and invoicing process. Unplanned costs are absorbed through the risk-sharing component of the partnership.

This approach means clinicians no longer need to manage inventory, making more of their time available for patient care. It also ensures you have the right product at the right time, every time.

We have created PPP and other innovative partnership solutions to support you in improving patient care across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Explore how PPP can help you access our latest innovations and optimize your financial and operational efficiency.


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