Reduce infection risk for the most vulnerable

Reduce infection risk for the most vulnerable

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EXALTTM Model D Single-Use Duodenoscope / Patient Factors


Patient profiles that may benefit from a single-use duodenoscope

Understanding the risk factors that facilitate the transmission of infectious agents is important for preventing their spread and can also be used to identify those patients most vulnerable to infection.

This publication helps to better understand the factors that may impact a patient’s risk for infection during ERCP.

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Infections: Risk Factors
to Consider

With respect to patient infection and/or colonisation associated with ERCP procedures, there are two significant pathogen reservoirs, the patient and the duodenoscope.
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Segmenting ERCP patients by infection risk allows endoscopists to make more informed decisions about the risk-benefit ratio of using enhanced duodenoscope technology in the care of their patients.

Physicians discuss high risk patient selection

Watch the videos below to hear physician perspectives on patient selection for EXALT Model D and why it may make a clinically appropriate choice for selected patients.

These are short segments from a 40 minutes webinar that you can watch fully in EDUCARE


Dr. Alessandro Fugazza

When to use single-use duodenoscopes: three cases

Dr. Fugazza discusses indications where his hospital recommends using single-use duodenoscopes, and shares 3 cases.


Prof. J. Enrique Domínguez Muñoz

Key indications for single-use duodenoscopes

Prof. Dominguez Munoz of Spain talks about the key indications where the hospital checklist recommends using the single-use duodenoscope.


Prof. J. Enrique Domínguez Muñoz

Using the EXALT™ Model D single-use duodenoscope in altered anatomies

The EXALT™ Model D single-use duodenoscope in combination with the SpyGlass™ DS System in this case study of a patient with altered anatomy.


Prof. J. Enrique Domínguez Muñoz

One Spanish hospital’s experience using single-use duodenoscopes

Prof. Dominguez Munoz discusses the indications where single-use duodenoscopes are used most frequently at the University Hospital of Santiago de Compostela. 

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