Reasons to Believe In S-ICD

Reasons to Believe In S-ICD

Believe in the data

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What we've learned from 100,000 S-ICD patients

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Believe in the data


S-ICD shows high long-term shock efficacy, while avoiding the serious complications associated with invasive leads5,6

Reasons to believe in S-ICD

Your reason to believe in S-ICD - with Professor Pier Lambiase.

Professor Lambiase talks us through the key findings from landmark clinical trials - EFFORTLESS, UNTOUCHED and PRAETORIAN. He discusses:- Reducing Inappropriate Shocks- Lead complications- Safety and efficacy of S-ICD.


From a patient's perspective


Your reason to believe in S-ICD - from a patient´s perspective.

With more than 100,000* patients protected by having an S-ICD we would like you to listen to a few who wish to share their story with you. Irene, Robin, Nicole and Louise share why they were implanted with an S-ICD and their feelings about their device.

Your reason to believe in S-ICD - from a patient's perspective.