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Changing the future of electrophysiology can sometimes mean changing how you do things. As validated in the MultiSENSE Study, HeartLogic has 70% sensitivity in detecting worsening heart failure and a low alert burden of less than 2 alerts per patient per patient year.1 This heart failure diagnostic is designed to help reduce hospitalizations, improve patient lives and enhance clinical efficiencies.

The new era in heart failure diagnosis for device patients

With Dr. Luca Santini, Dr. Anastasia Egorova, Dr. Saskia Beeres, Dr. Roderick Treskes and Ms. Gerlinde Mulder

Listen to the Boston Scientific Satellite Symposium from the 2021 ESC Heart Failure Congress to learn how HeartLogic can help you efficiently manage your heart failure patients and positively impact clinical outcomes

Improve Clinic Workflows

ADVANTICS™ Solution allows you to use HeartLogic™ to its fullest potential, optimising workflow alert management, as part of an integrated care approach.

Physician Perspectives

“My hope for the HeartLogic alert is that we’ll be able to better care for our heart failure patients, avoid morbid events such as heart failure hospitalizations and actually treat the exacerbation of heart failure before the patient even knows they have it.”

John P. Boehmer, MD

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HeartLogic Alert Management Guide

This quick reference guide offers tips to help you implement a three-step workflow for managing HeartLogic alerts, assess the context of the alert using the Heart Failure Management Report and patient discussion, and take clinical action.

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Physician Perspectives

“What we’d like to do is actually understand when they have worsening problems before they have symptoms, so then we can act on them.”

Adrian Hernandez, MD, FMHS

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