EnduraLife™ Battery Technology

EnduraLife Battery Technology
EnduraLife Battery Technology delivers the longest projected longevity, packaged in a device up to 11% smaller than other manufacturers.2


EnduraLife Battery Technology has the largest battery capacity in the industry.3 High battery capacity is nearly 2x the standard capacity of Medtronic ICDs and CRT-Ds.3


EnduraLife Battery Technology’s chemistry – Li/MnO2 – provides stable voltage over time.4
ENDURALIFE chemistry lithium manganese dioxide
  • Demonstrated consistent and stable performance in real-time bench tests4
  • No mid-life resistance increase means more consistent charge times throughout battery life4
ENDURALIFE chemistry lithium silver vanadium oxide
  • Chemistry used in Boston Scientific ICDs and CRT-Ds prior to EnduraLife Battery Technology
  • Mid-life resistance increase during discharge leads to increased charge times4
  • Long charge times can cause early replacement even though
    a substantial amount of charge is left in the battery4


Advanced manufacturing capabilities enable a device that is up to 11% smaller and nearly 2x the battery capacity compared to Medtronic ICDs.2,3
EnduraLife™ Battery Technology