FARAPULSETM Pulsed Field Ablation: The Belgian Experience

FARAPULSETM Pulsed Field Ablation: 

The Belgian Experience

Discover The Belgian Experience with FARAPULSE through physician’s insights.

FARAPULSETM Pulsed Field Ablation
The Belgian Experience

Discover the real-world experiences of renowned Belgian Physicians with FARAPULSE Pulsed Field Ablation system and the FARAWAVE™ catheter. Gain invaluable insights that showcase how PFA is reshaping clinical practice and significantly enhancing the atrial fibrillation (AF) ablation experience for patients. ​



Episode 1: Experience 

These seasoned practitioners introduce themselves and share their extensive use of the FARAPULSE Pulsed Field Ablation System, highlighting the multitude of patients they have treated.


Episode 2: PFA with FARAPULSE​

Belgian physicians unveil what distinguishes FARAPULSE. Hear firsthand accounts of enhanced safety, streamlined procedures and promising clinical outcomes. Learn how FARAPULSE simplifies workflows and reduces ablation times empowering physicians to efficiently treat more patients. 


Episode 3: Safety ​

Hear directly from physicians about the lower risks of complications associated with FARAPULSE, including decreased rates of PV stenosis, phrenic nerve palsy, and esophageal lesions. Discover how using FARAPULSE allows physicians to feel more confident in their procedures, offering a possibility to avoid complications and ensuring safer patient outcomes.


Episode 4: Patient Comfort ​

Belgian physicians share their patient stories of minimal discomfort and pain-free recoveries after undergoing FARAPULSE Pulsed Field Ablation Technology Treatments. 


Episode 5: Reproducibility ​

Discover how FARAPULSE reliability and predictability have positively influenced their daily practice, allowing for efficient planning, throughput, and treatment of patients with complex conditions.


Episode 6: Scientific Data ​

Belgian physicians analyse the wealth of clinical evidence supporting FARAPULSE, highlighting FARAPULSE’s non-inferiority to thermal ablation methods across a significant patient cohort. Discover why FARAPULSE stands out as a frontrunner in PFA development, backed by robust clinical data. 

Episode 7: Learning Curve ​

Hear from physicians as they share their experiences navigating the learning curve with FARAPULSE Pulsed Field Ablation. 



Episode 8: Patient Selection​

Belgian physicians share the positive impact of FARAPULSE on their patient treatment strategies and how PFA broadens the spectrum of patients eligible for treatment.



Episode 9: Unique Catheter Design ​

Explore the FARAWAVE catheter’s innovative design and how physicians are benefitting from its dual shape (basket & flower) configurations. 



Episode 10: Advice For Future Users

The Belgium experience FARAPULSE Series ends with physicians sharing their invaluable advice and best practices for those new to using the system, from mastering procedural techniques to optimising patient outcomes. 



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