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In a pandemic situation, it is more relevant than ever to emphasise the importance of keeping patients out of hospital.

At Boston Scientific we are offering healthcare professionals 360-degree clinical care including a complete package of superior HF diagnostics, industry leading battery longevity and efficient remote management systems. Through these solutions, and together with you, we aim to reduce the number of hospitalisations and unnecessary hospital visits

The COVID-19 pandemic has created
challenges for everyone – especially
healthcare professionals.

We have adapted quickly to stay with you through these times, and we will continue todo so as we discover the “new normal” together. Whilst we know our support may need to continuously evolve, we are here to meet your individual case needs now.

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Source: Boston Scientific May 2020 US Patient Research



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Longevity has an impact on the patient’s life by requiring fewer replacements:

  • Minimising risk of infection and complication
  • Reducing therapy costs
  • Improving patients’ QoL

Boston Scientific introduced EnduraLife™ Battery Technology in 2007 and it is regarded as a proven technology, validated by nine studies published from 2013 onwards.1-9 Boston Scientific brings the longest-lasting devices on the market.10-11

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Remote device monitoring is more relevant and useful than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will help you:

  • Identify clinical events and device anomalies in patients with cardiac implantable defibrillators who's in-person visit was canceled.
  • Allow physicians to monitor disease progression remotely and to modify patients’ treatment appropriately (except for programming changes).
  • When patients feel more empowered in the remote monitoring process, they will become more invested in improving their health. Thus, we should feel confident to use remote device monitoring for patients with cardiac implantable defibrillators during the COVID-19 pandemic.12
In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, leveraging remote patient monitoring technology will help eliminate unnecessary patient contact, while reducing the burden on in-clinic follow-up.
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In the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond, HeartLogic offers a personalised, remote heart failure diagnostic and monitoring solution. Using multiple, novel physiologic sensors with high sensitivity and low-alert burden, it’s validated to provide weeks of advance notice for detecting early signs of worsening heart failure.

HeartLogic™ Heart Failure Diagnostic

HeartLogic is clinically validated to provide weeks of advance notice for detecting early signs of worseningheart failure13
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