Get Clarity About DVT Treatments

If you’ve been diagnosed with DVT, it’s important to understand your treatment options. There are several approaches to treating DVT blood clots, including standard therapies such as blood thinners and compression stockings, and minimally invasive interventional treatments. While medications and compression socks are right for many patients, they don’t actually remove or dissolve the clot. Learn more about DVT treatments below and be sure to talk to your doctor about all your options.

Standard DVT Treatments

Blood-thinning medications and compression stockings are the most common treatments for DVT blood clots. Learn more about how these standard DVT treatments work and the risks and benefits of each. Explore Standard Treatments




Interventional Treatments for DVT

A variety of minimally invasive procedures may help to relieve your DVT symptoms and reduce your risk for long-term complications such as post-thrombotic syndrome. Learn more about these procedures and find out if they may be right for you.