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We know everyday tasks are a struggle, but there are treatment options to manage your pain and help regain your quality of life.

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Real patient stories

Every person differs in how effective SCS therapy is for them. Hear stories from people who have been in your shoes, have Chronic Pain, and use a Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) system to help manage their pain.*

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"Thanks to the Spinal Cord Stimulator, I was able to
save the little girl who was drowning."


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"The therapeutic feeling covered any pain from the waist down to my feet. I got my life back. The girls got Mum back."


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“It's impacted my whole quality of life. It gives me a better mental outlook.“


Smiling lady talking about her story

“Life changed immediately. I could get up in the morning and I could put my feet on the floorwithout fear…“


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“If it carries on like this my life changed forever.“


Blond lady talking about her story

“I am really happy because I have gone back to doing what I could not do before.“


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“I really do hope in the future people are offered SCS therapy much sooner.“


Man talking about his story

“What matters to me is the day-to-day and that I don’t have any pain.“


Brown hair lady talking about her experience

“My life now is so much better“


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“RF treatment allowed me to go back to my normal working activity.”
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