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Enable volume and appropriate revenue growth

The key to appropriate, sustainable growth is effectively and efficiently reaching unidentified and under-referred patients suffering from diseases. The Service Development programme leverages health analytics and insights to develop an evidence-based approach to get those patients identified early and channelled to the right provider.

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Enhance clinical operations and outpatient experience

Liverpool Heart & Chest NHS
Foundation Trust, UK

Case study


Boston Scientific worked with Liverpool Heart & Chest NHS Foundation Trust (LHCH) in the U.K. with the goal of improving efficiencies and free up capacity to accommodate new patients and therapies.

• Generated over €400k in new revenue.
• Reduced patient wait time by 60%.
• Increased diagnostic capacity by 40%.

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Develop best-in-class patient remote monitoring and devices clinic

Tampere Heart Center (Finland)

Case study


Tampere Heart Hospital has already established itself as a best-in-class centre in Europe. Through continuous collaboration with Boston Scientific, the Heart Center aims to excel in servicing patients living in a large catchment area through remote monitoring while maximising its resources.

• Decreased time spent per patient by 30 minutes.
• Reduced alert transmissions by 30%.
• Twice the workload, same staff capacity.

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