Event and Webinar Privacy Policy

This privacy policy seeks to clarify the processing of your personal data in the context of an Event or a Webinar organised by Boston Scientific. Any information related to your participation will be treated as strictly confidential and only looked upon by our employees. Boston Scientific also ensures that appropriate technical and organizational security measures are taken to protect your information against accidental loss, misuse, unauthorized access, modification and damage.

Managing invitees’ attendance to the webinar
In order to manage the attendance to its events or webinars, Boston scientific organisers will need to process the following information from you:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Company/Hospital
  • Personal Photo (optional)

The information of your participation to an event or a webinar will be kept by Boston Scientific on your customer profile to manage better our relationship with you. If are not a customer, we will only register your participation if you have expressly undergone our double opt-in process.

Recording of the session
Boston Scientific may record the event or webinar with a view to publish it on BSC Educare platform and Boston Scientific EU and US websites to allow registered HCPs to watch the event online. If that is the case, this will be stressed on the event or webinar invitation. In this case, it will remain on Educare Platform for a period of 4 years from publication.

The event or webinar may also be recorded for the only purpose to propose to the invitees to view or review the event or webinar for instance if they could not attend it. You will be informed if the event or webinar is recorded, while measures will be taken to keep participants list anonymous. Where the event or webinar will be recorded for further publication, this will be clarified in the invitation.

Who is responsible for processing your information and on what legal basis?
Boston Scientific International SA is responsible for processing your personal data for the purposes detailed above and relies on its legitimate business interest. If you are a lead, we will rely on your consent.

Who has access to your personal data?
Your personal data are stored on Boston Scientific servers in Ireland and the United States. To lawfully transfer your personal data outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland, Boston Scientific has signed EU Standard Contractual Clauses between its EU, Swiss and US entities as well as taken additional safeguards such as encryption of the data in transfer. 

Your privacy rights
At any time, you are entitled to:

  • Be informed about and access the information we hold
  • Request that inaccuracies be corrected
  • Object to the processing of your personal data for profiling you
  • Request that some or all of your personal data be erased when no longer necessary;
  • In some circumstances, you can ask for restriction of access to your personal data. 

You may exercise any of the above rights by sending a request to our European Data Protection Officer at EuropePrivacy@bsci.com, or via the following Data Subject Request Form, or via ground mail at Boston Scientific, EU DPO, Avenida Ribera del Loira 46, edificio 2, 28042 Madrid (Spain).

Boston Scientific shall provide a response to your requests within 30 days of receiving such request unless the request.

Boston Scientific Privacy Policy

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