Tria™ Ureteral Stents


Product Details

Design Features

  • Proprietary Tri-layer design encapsulates raw colorant and radiopacity material.
  • Softens by >40% at body temperature1,3, which is designed to promote greater patient tolerability4.
  • A large inner lumen and thin outer wall design promotes drainage.1,5
  • Biocompatible material designed to enable indwell time up to 365 days.6


  • Stiff during placement designed to navigate patient anatomy.1

Multiple Sizes

  • Offered in both soft and firm stent durometers
  • 4.8F – 8F diameter with lengths ranging from 10cm – 30cm

Ordering Information

Material Type: Firm

UPNSize (Fr x cm)Material TypeSuture Type
M00619020504.8 X 10FirmBraided
M00619020604.8 x 12FirmBraided
M00619020704.8 x 14FirmBraided
M00619020804.8 x 16FirmBraided
M00619020904.8 x 18FirmBraided
M00619021004.8 x 20FirmBraided
M00619021104.8 x 22FirmBraided
M00619021204.8 x 24FirmBraided
M00619021304.8 x 26FirmBraided
M00619021404.8 x 28FirmBraided
M00619021504.8 x 30FirmBraided
M00619022006 x 20FirmMonofilament
M00619022106 x 22FirmMonofilament
M00619022206 x 24FirmMonofilament
M00619022306 x 26FirmMonofilament
M00619022406 x 28FirmMonofilament
M00619022506 x 30FirmMonofilament
M00619023007 x 20FirmMonofilament
M00619023107 x 22FirmMonofilament
M00619023207 x 24FirmMonofilament
M00619023307 x 26FirmMonofilament
M00619023407 x 28FirmMonofilament
M00619023507 x 30FirmMonofilament
M00619024008 x 20FirmMonofilament
M00619024108 x 22FirmMonofilament
M00619024208 x 24FirmMonofilament
M00619024308 x 26FirmMonofilament
M00619024408 x 28FirmMonofilament
M00619024508 x 30FirmMonofilament

Material Type: Soft

UPNSize (Fr x cm)Material TypeSuture Type
M00619032006 x 20SoftMonofilament
M00619032106 x 22SoftMonofilament
M00619032206 x 24SoftMonofilament
M00619032306 x 26SoftMonofilament
M00619032406 x 28SoftMonofilament
M00619032506 x30SoftMonofilament
M00619033007 x 20SoftMonofilament
M00619033107 x 22SoftMonofilament
M00619033207 x 24SoftMonofilament
M00619033307 x 26SoftMonofilament
M00619033407 x 28SoftMonofilament
M00619033507 x 30SoftMonofilament
M00619034008 x 20SoftMonofilament
M00619034108 x 22SoftMonofilament
M00619034208 x 24SoftMonofilament
M00619034308 x 26SoftMonofilament
M00619034408 x 28SoftMonofilament
M00619034508 x 30SoftMonofilament
Tria Firm and Soft comes also in Kits with Guidewires, Please ask your BSC representative to learn more.

Tools and Resources

   Stent portfolio Brochure