Esophageal Stent

Silicone construction engineered to exert constant pressure on tumors
Thin stent wall elongates when stretched, allowing for stent repositioning post-deployment
Proximal flare designed for improved stent fixation to resist migration

The Polyflex Stent is designed to treat refractory benign strictures and/or malignant esophageal strictures and concurrent tracheosophageal fistulas.

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The Polyflex Esophageal Stent is indicated for refractory benign and/or malignant esophageal stenosis and concurrent tracheoesophageal fistulas. Multiple stent options provide a choice of stent diameter and length to accommodate various stricture sizes. Please see below for ordering information.
Polyflex Single-Use Esophageal Stent System*
Order Number Stent I.D. (mm) Proximal Flare I.D. (mm) Stent Length (mm) Delivery System Diameter (mm) Packaging
M00514270 16 20 90 12 Each
M00514280 16 20 120 12 Each
M00514290 16 20 150 12 Each
M00514300 18 23 90 13 Each
M00514310 18 23 120 13 Each
M00514320 18 23 150 13 Each
M00514330 21 25 90 14 Each
M00514340 21 25 120 14 Each
M00514350 21 25 150 14 Each

*Recommended Guidewire .038" Jagwire™ Guidewire, Order #5662, (View Ordering Information for Jagwire Guidewire).


Case Studies

     Management of refractory anastomotic strictures following transhiatal esophagectony

Presented by James S. Barthel, M.D., Tampa, FL (USA)

    Use of Polyflex Stents in Refractory Benign Esophageal Strictures

Presented by Yaser Rayyan, M.D., Huntington, WV (USA)

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