Precision Novi™

Primary Cell Spinal Cord Stimulator System

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Precision Novi™ Spinal Cord stimulator
Precision Novi SCS system
Precision Novi IPG
Precision Novi SCS system with Illumina 3D

The New Shape Of Pain Relief
Designed to enhance patient comfort and simplify the implant procedure Precision Novi is the world’s smallest, thinnest 16 contact primary cell spinal cord stimulator system with a unique contoured shape.


Product Details

Smaller, thinner, contoured design

Precision Novi™ is the smallest, thinnest primary cell device available. With a unique contoured design, Precision Novi™ is designed to improve patient comfort and  simplify the implant procedure.

Designed to enhance patient comfort:

  • Precision Novi has been designed with a smaller, thinner, more contoured shape to improve patient comfort, and address one of the primary causes of revision surgeries; pain over implant site.

Designed to simplify the implant procedure:

  • Smaller Implant. A smaller-implant is easier to handle and allows for a smaller incision
  • Contoured-design. Smoother edges to improve patient comfort over implant site
  • Only Primary Cell without implant depth restrictions. This allows the IPG to be implanted at the ideal location for the patient.

The Shape of Pain Relief

The Precision Novi System delivers the latest SCS therapy to primary cell patients in a compact contoured design. For the first time, primary cell patients have access to the precise Pain Relief delivered by the Illumina 3D Algorithm.

Illumina 3D™ Programming Algorithm

Leads exist in a complex 3-dimensional environment. The Illumina 3D Algorithm is the first and only programming software that takes this into account.

  • Incorporates 3-dimensional lead location
  • Simple "point and click" targeting
  • Creates a customized stimulation field
  • Designed to improve pain targeting

FluoroSync™ Interface

Visually intuitive and elegantly simple user interface.

  • Select and place leads with drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Programming software mirrors fluoro image
  • Inputs the 3-dimensional lead location into the Illumina 3D™ Programming Algorithm

Precision LeadSync Technology

LeadSync™ Technology

The only programming software to account for lead offset.

  • Use programming software to detect relative lead location
  • Adjusts for lead offset by synchronizing contacts on parallel leads
  • Ability to refocus the stimulation field
  • Designed to account for relative lead movement during the trial, after the permanent implant, or during the procedure

FreeLink™ Technology

Featuring FreeLink Technology, enhanced cordless patient accessories are designed to simplify the patient experience. From functionality to aesthetics, the Precision Novi system is designed to bring the patient experience to a whole new level.

  • Cordless Remote Control