Multiwave™ Technology

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Full Boston Scientific Illumina 3D portfolio
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The Multiwave Platform
Full Boston Scientific Illumina 3D portfolio
The Multiwave Platform 

Built on proprietary Illumina™ 3D pain targeting software, MultiWave™ Technology offers the flexibility of multiple waveforms, within a single device, for a customized SCS therapy.

MultiWave™ technology offers waveform options with smooth paraesthesia or without perception, designed to allow you to customise the therapy to each unique patient

Product Details

>70% of SCS patients use multiple waveforms to manage their pain therapy

In a registry of 800 SCS patients, over 70% used multiple waveforms to customize pain relief.1

The Precision Spectra SCS system has shown excellent clinical low back outcomes achieved with the Illumina 3D algorithm.

Pain is dynamic; the system you offer your patients should be too…

Within a single device, MultiWaveTM offers the flexibility of multiple waveforms for a customized SCS therapy: 

• Illumina 3DTM for precise pain targeting
• PrismTM 3D for enhanced coverage specificity
• Whisper 3D for higher rate stimulation
• MicroBurst3D Waveform for burst stimulation

MultiWaveTM options can be used during the trial, after the full SCS device has been implanted, and can be managed and changed at any time via the patient remote control.

MultiWaveTM technology is powered by Illumina 3DTM software and is available on Precision NOVI and Precision SPECTRA SCS implantable systems.

Prism™ 3D Targeting Technology

Engineered to recruit more and deeper nerve fibres.

Prism 3D utilizes a fully fractionalizable IPG for unmatched therapeutic flexibility
27.8% of BSC patients used a program with Prism 3D Targeting Technology1

MicroBurst3D Waveform Stimulation

Intermittent packets of burst stimuli delivered using the Illumina 3D™ Neural Targeting Algorithm

MicroBurst3D Waveform offers 2-7 pulses per packet and pulse widths up to 1000 μs
25.9% of BSC patients used a program with MicroBurst3D Waveform1

Whisper 3D Stimulation

Whisper 3D kilohertz stimulation between 1,000 and 1,200 Hz is designed to be delivered to a precise neural target using the Illumina 3D™ Algorithm.

>49% of BSC patients who used multiple waveforms utilized a program with Whisper 3D 1