Rotatable Single-Use Polypectomy Snare

The Rotatable Snares are Oval Medium-Stiff Snares and come in two sizes:  13mm and 20mm.
The Single-Use Rotatable Snares handle is designed to provide 360 degree rotation to help access difficult polyps.


Product Details

  • Medium Stiff Braided Wire
  • Predictable rotation both clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Hot/Cold indication

Ordering Information

Single-Use Rotatable Snares*
Single-Use Rotatable Snares*
Order NumberDescriptionLoop Width (mm)Sheath O.D. (mm)Minimum Working Channel (mm)Working Length (cm)Packaging
M00561821Small Oval – Medium Stiff132.42.8240Box 10
M00561831Medium Oval – Medium Stiff202.42.8240Box 10
*With Star Catheter™ Technology.