Sensation™ Single-Use

Short Throw Snares

The Sensation Snare is available in a range of shapes and sizes including 13mm, 27mm and 30mm
Sensation Medium Stiff Crescent Snare in 27mm.

The Sensation Short Throw Snare has a short throw handle that is designed for nurse and technician comfort.



Product Details

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Ordering Information

Sensation™ Single-Use Short Throw Snares
Sensation™ Single-Use Short Throw Snares
Order NumberDescriptionLoop Width (mm)Sheath O.D. (mm)Minimum Working Channel (mm)Working Length (cm)Packaging
M00562691Small Oval – Flexible132.42.8240Box 5
M00562692Small Oval – Flexible132.42.8240Box 20
M00562693Small Oval – Flexible132.42.8240Box 40
M00560321Small Oval – Medium Stiff132.42.8240Box 5
M00562671Medium Oval – Flexible272.42.8240Box 5
M00562672Medium Oval – Flexible272.42.8240Box 20
M00562673Medium Oval – Flexible272.42.8240Box 40
M00560311Medium Oval – Medium Stiff272.42.8240Box 5
M00562651Large Oval – Medium Stiff302.42.8240Box 5
M00562652Large Oval – Medium Stiff302.42.8240Box 20
M00560331Medium Crescent – Medium Stiff272.42.8240Box 5