Single-Use Snares

The Captivator Single-Use Snares are designed in three distinct shapes: oval, crescent and hexagonal.
Captivator Stiff Snares in a variety of loop configurations accommodate a wide range of therapeutic functions

The Captivator Single-Use Snares are designed in oval, crescent and hexagonal shapes to accommodate a wide range of functions, which include the removal of polyps and tissues from within the GI tract.


Product Details

Three distinct shapes designed for various sized polyps and endoscopic mucosal resections. 

  • Oval
  • Crescent
  • Hexagonal

Variety of stiffness types available designed to treat various lesions.

  • Stiff
  • Medium Stiff
  • Flexible


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Ordering Information

Captivator Single-Use Snares
Captivator™ Single-Use Snares
Order NumberDescriptionLoop Width (mm)Sheath O.D. (mm)Minimum Working Channel (mm)Working Length (cm)Packaging
M00562301Small Oval – Stiff132.42.8240Box 10
M00562321Medium Oval – Stiff272.42.8240Box 10
M00561311Large Oval – Medium Stiff302.42.8240Box 10
M00562391Large Oval (thin wire) – Flexible302.42.8240Box 10
M00562451Small Hexagonal – Stiff132.42.8240Box 10
M00562341Medium Hexagonal – Stiff272.42.8240Box 10
M00562371Medium Crescent – Stiff272.42.8240Box 10