EXALT™ Model B

Single-use Bronchoscope

The airway endoscopy standard of care has evolved with the introduction of Boston Scientific’s new EXALT Model B single-use Bronchoscope. The single-use bronchoscope was specifically designed and optimized for bedside procedures and features suction capabilities and the familiar feel found in reusable models – all combined with the peace-of-mind offered by a sterile single-use device.


Product Details

Suction Capabilities

The working channel of EXALT Model B was specifically designed to provide physicians with enhanced suction capabilities.

High-Quality Imaging

With bright LEDs and dynamic light control designed for image optimization.

Familiar Functionality

The placement of controls and working channel are designed for a familiar feel of a reusable scope.

Single-Use Sterilization

Each EXALT Model B is sterilized and intended for single-use, the risk of cross-contamination between patients, health care providers, and staff due to ineffective reprocessing is eliminated.



 EXALT Model B SlimEXALT Model B RegularEXALT Model B Large
Field of view90 °90 °90 °
Articulation Angle 180 ° up, 180° down180 ° up, 180° down180 ° up, 180° down
Insertion Tube OD3,8mm5,0mm5,8mm
Working Length60cm60cm60cm
Average Working Channel Inner Diameter1,2mm2,2mm2,8mm
Minimum ETT Size Compatibility 5,0mm6,0mm7,0mm
Minimum DLT Size Compatibility 35Fr41FrN/A

Ordering Information

Product CodeDescriptionUnit
M00542760EXALT Monitor (mount included)Each
M00542770 EXALT Monitor Kit (mount included) Each
M00542780EXALT Monitor (no mount included)Each
M00542790EXALT Monitor Kit (no mount included)Each
M00542820EXALT Monitor mount Each
M00542751EXALT Model B single-use bronchoscope – LargeBox 5
M00542731EXALT Model B single-use bronchoscope – RegularBox 5
M00542711EXALT Model B single-use bronchoscope – SlimBox 5

Power Cords

Product CodeDescription Unit
8500-098BL9Power Cord (EU) – Plug Type FEach
8520-098BL2Power Cord (CH) – Plug Type JEach
8540-098BL2Power Cord (DK) – Plug Type KEach
8550-098BL3Power Cord (IT) – Plug Type LEach
8560-098BL3Power Cord (IL) – Plug Type HEach
8580-098BL5Power Cord (ZA) – Plug Type MEach
9650-098BL7Power Cord (UK) – Plug Type GEach
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