Neurosurgical RF Electrodes

Radiofrequency ablation for Neurosurgery

High quality, disposable, neurosurgical electrodes designed to be used with the Boston Scientific G4 RF Generator


Products Detail

LCED cordotomy electrode – disposable

Designed to be used for radiofrequency lesioning of the central nervous system for the treatment of pain.
These procedures include cordotomy, ganglionotomy, rhizotomy and neurotomy.

• Polished cannula bevel and ultra-sharp electrode for precision targeting

• Set screw feature designed to secure electrode position

• Temperature controlled tip

• X-ray or CT Guidance

Stereotactic TC Electrode – disposable

Designed to be used for radiofrequency procedures in the treatment of movement disorders.

• Temperature sensor embedded at the rounded ended tip

• Stimulation and lesioning capabilities

• Depth stops available to set desired depth of penetration

G4™ Radiofrequency Generator

The G4 RF Generator is designed to give consistent, reliable results with a wide range of features in an easy-to-use interface.

• Intuitive 12” touchscreen with large color-coded status visualizations

• Simultaneous or staggered start options

• Automatic or manual stimulation controlled with touchscreen or dial

• Thermal and Pulsed RF mode