Injection Therapy Needle Catheter

Pushable sheath construction designed to facilitate advancement through difficult pathways to remote anatomy
Beveled needle designed to facilitate injection

The Interject™ Injection Therapy Needle Catheters are designed to provide access for injection therapy applications and may also be used for polypectomy and endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR).



Product Details

The Interject Injection Therapy Needle Catheter features a unique star-shaped inner catheter design to help promote reliable needle actuation in tortuous anatomy (even after kinking). The needle is often used in combination therapy with other treatment modalities, such as hemo clips, snares or band ligators.

Ordering Information

Interject Clear Single-Use Injection Therapy Needle Catheters
Interject Contrast Single-Use Injection Therapy Needle Catheters 
Order NumberSheath DesignSheath O.D. (mm)Needle GaugeNeedle O.D. (mm)Needle I.D. (mm)Maximum Needle Extension Length (mm)Working Length (cm)Units
M00518151Contrast1.8230.640.324200Box 5
M00518161Contrast1.8250.510.244200Box 5
M00518251Contrast1.8230.640.326200Box 5
M00518261Contrast1.8250.510.246200Box 5
M00518351Contrast2.3230.640.324240Box 5
M00518361Contrast2.3250.510.244240Box 5
M00518111 Clear  1.8250.510.244200Box 5
 Clear  2.3230.640.324240Box 5
 Clear  2.3250.510.244240Box 5