Swiss LithoClast™ Select


Combination ultrasonic and pneumatic urological lithotriptor. Dual modality for a singular solution.

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The Versatility and Reliability of Standard LithoClast and More

  • Four sizes of rigid pneumatic probes for use in the kidney, ureter and bladder The FlexProbe™ Flexible Probe is designed for use through flexible endoscopes

Vario Ultrasound Handpiece: Designed to Treat all types of urinary stones.

  • Designed to switch from combined ultrasound/ pneumatic mode to ultrasound only mode within seconds
  • Decreased size and 28% lighter weight designed for more comfort and convenient handling

Faster Stone Clearance – Less Blocking

  • New suction adapter angle designed to improve clearance

Stone Catcher Device: Designed to reduce setup time

  • Pre-assembled specimen retention system

Latex Information

This product contains no detectable latex.


Ordering Information

Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
840300K0M006840300K0Swiss Lithoclast Select SystemN/AEach
840302M0068403020Swiss Lithoclast Select Directions for UseN/AEach
840303M0068403030Swiss Lithoclast Select Error Message LaminateN/AEach
840304M0068403040Vario Ultrasound Handpiece KitN/AEach
840703M0068407030Foot PedalN/AEach
840706M0068407060Stone Catcher HolderN/AEach
840707M0068407070Compressed Air Tube – 3mN/AEach
840708M0068407080Power CordN/AEach
840709M0068407090Spare FusesN/AEach
840720M0068407200Pneumatic Handpiece KitN/AEach

Pneumatic Probes

Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
840731M0068407310Disposable Pneumatic Probe0.8 mm x 668 mmEach
840732M0068407320Disposable Pneumatic Probe*1.0 mm x 497 mmEach
840733M0068407330Disposable Pneumatic Probe*1.0 mm x 570 mmEach
840735M0068407350Disposable Pneumatic Probe1.6 mm x 453 mmEach
840737M0068407370Disposable Pneumatic Probe2.0 mm x 425 mmEach
840739M0068407390Flexible Ureteroscopy Probe.089 mm x 940 mmEach
*Designed for use with Ultrasound Probe

Ultrasound Probes

Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
840714M0068407140Swiss LithoClast Ultrasound Probe3.3 mm x 330 mmEach
840715M0068407150Swiss LithoClast Ultrasound Probe3.8 mm x 330 mmEach
840716M0068407160Swiss LithoClast Ultrasound Probe3.3 mm x 403 mmEach
840717M0068407170Swiss LithoClast Ultrasound Probe3.8 mm x 403 mmEach


Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
840318M0068403180Vario Ultrasound Handpiece 5mm WrenchN/AEach
840305M0068403050Vario Ultrasound Handpiece 8mm WrenchN/AEach

Pneumatic Handpiece Accessories

Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
840728M0068407280Pneumatic Handpiece Tube with Q-connect (3M)N/AEach
840729M0068407290Pneumatic Handpiece Shipping CaseN/AEach

Vario Handpiece Suction Connectors

Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
840306M0068403060Angled Suction Connector – Stone CatcherN/AEach
840307M0068403070Straight Suction Connector – Stone CatcherN/AEach
840316M0068403160Angled Suction Connector – Suction TubingN/AEach
840317M0068403170Straight Suction Connector – Suction TubingN/AEach

Vario Handpiece Accessories

Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
840322M0068403220Vario Ultrasound Handpiece Shipping CaseN/AEach
840324M0068403240Hose Sterilization CapN/AEach
840319M0068403190Vario Ultrasound Distal Protective CapN/AEach
840320M0068403200Vario Ultrasound Handpiece O-RingN/AEach
840321M0068403210Straight Suction Connector O-RingN/AEach
840311M0068403110Vario Ultrasound Handpiece Quick TableN/AEach

Stone Catcher

Order NumberUPNDescriptionSizeQuantity
840750M0068407501Stone Catcher with Tubing and AdapterN/AEach

Prescriptive Information 

Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
Please refer to package insert provided with the product for complete indications for use, contraindications, warnings, precautions, adverse events, and instructions prior to using this product.


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