Auriga QI™

30W Holmium Laser

30 Watt Desktop Laser

The Auriga QI Holmium Laser packs 30 watts of power in a compact, lightweight console that effectively fragments stones.


Product Details

Compact System

  • Small console can be fitted into many existing video towers or carts

Optimal Power Settings

  • Wide range of power settings to aid in the fragmentation stones
  • 200–4,000mJ of pulse energy (4 joules) to aid in fracturing hard stones
  • 4–20Hz of pulse frequency

Intelligent Fiber Recognition

  • Enables console to detect which size and type of laser fiber was connected.
  • Designed to match precise optical fit between the fiber and console helping to increase power at the output tip and reduce the risk of fiber fracture.  

Ordering Information

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