Nitinol Hydrophilic Guidewire

Zipwire guidewire is available in standard and stiff shaft.
Kink-resistant nitinol wire with a lubricious hydrophilic coating designed for reliable ureteral access and reduced trauma.
Superelastic nitinol core designed to resist kinking.
Several tip styles available, including straight, angled and Bentson-type.

Impacted stones. Tortuous anatomies. Ureteral obstructions.1,2 Medical conditions like these call for a hydrophilic guidewire that’s up to the task.1

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Product Details

Reduced Trauma

  • Lubricious, floppy tip designed for reduced trauma to the ureter during advancement through the urinary tract


  • Hydrophilic coating designed to navigate ureteral strictures and facilitate tracking of urological instruments


  • Superelastic nitinol core for enhanced control


  • Nitinol core and polyurethane jacket designed to provide excellent rotational torque for maximum control


  • Highly radiopaque jacket designed to provide enhanced visibility under fluoroscopy and enable accurate positioning

Available in standard and stiff shaft

  • Stiff shaft ZIPwire Guidewire designed to increase pushability, help straighten tortuous anatomy and facilitate advancement of devices2 

Multiple Tip Styles

  • Several tip styles available, including the Bentson-type tip designed to provide the additional tip flexibility for negotiation of narrowed ureters and access beyond obstructions

Ordering Information

Order Number Existing*Order Number New*DiameterLengthTipTaper
Standard Shaft     
M006630201B1M00668020110.025 in150 cmStraight3 cm
M006630205B1M00668020510.035 in150 cmStraight3 cm
M006630206B1M00668020610.035 in150 cmAngled3 cm
M006630208B1M00668020810.038 in150 cmStraight3 cm
M006630209B1M00668020910.038 in150 cmAngled3 cm
M006630210B1M00668021010.038 in260 cmStraight3 cm
Stiff Shaft     
M006630216B1M00668021610.025 in150 cmStraight3 cm
M006630222B1M00668022210.035 in150 cmStraight3 cm
M006630223B1M00668022310.035 in150 cmAngled3 cm
M006630225B1M00668022510.038 in150 cmStraight3 cm
Bentson – Type, Standard Shaft     
M006630214B1M00668021410.035 in150 cmStraightBentson 8 cm
M006630203B1M00668020310.035 in150 cmAngledBentson 8 cm
M006630215B1M00668021510.038 in150 cmStraightBentson 8 cm

Quantity: Box 5

* Order numbers will change during 2022.


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