VictoryTM Guidewire

Victory™, the crossing guidewire



Victory™ Guidewire: Four tip loads options in 0.014’’ and 0.018’’ guidewires

Multiple tip loads to break through resistant lesions: Victory is designed to break through and cross resistant lesions, offering increasing tip loads from 12 g to 30 g for control and a range of pushability. Combined with an innovative inner core wire, Victory is engineered to enhance steering and provide maximum torque response.


Product Detail

 Broad Matrix

  • Four tip loads for a range of pushability offering clinical versatility
  • 0.014’’ (0.36 mm) and 0.018’’ (0.46mm) diameters

Excellent Crossing

  • Hydrophilic coated tip enhances lesion crossing
  • PTFE coating on the proximal segment facilitates device tracking and navigation

Enhanced Torque & Rail Support

Unique core technology provides:

  • Turn-for-turn torque response offers exceptional control throughout the case
  • Superior tip shape retention enables easy selection and reselection of tortuous vessels

Victory™ Guidewire

Victory Guidewire


Ordering Information

Tip Load 
Radiopaque Coil
Tip Length (cm)
Victory 14195122.5H74939230195120
Victory 14300122.5H74939230300121
Victory 14195182.5H74939230195181
Victory 14300182.5H74939230300181
Victory 14195252H74939231195251
Victory 14300252H74939231300251
Victory 14195302H74939231195301
Victory 14300302H74939231300301
Victory 18195122.5H74939232195121
Victory 18300122.5H74939232300121
Victory 18195182H74939232195181
Victory 18300182H74939232300181
Victory 18195252H74939233195251
Victory 18300252H74939233300251
Victory 18195302H74939233195301
Victory 18300302H74939233300301