V-14 ™ ControlWire®


V-14 ™ ControlWire ® Guidewire

Offers the choice of two tip load options with excellent rail support.
Only V-14 ControlWire offers you both 3 g and 6 g wires for enhanced tip stiffness and increased push. This, in addition to a strong Scitanium® Core that is engineered for superb torque control and rail support, makes V-14 the ideal 0.014” (0.36 mm) traversing wire for BTK cases.


Product Details

Enhanced tip stiffness and push

  • 3 g (long taper) and 6 g (short taper) tip loads provide excellent push to facilitate cross

Superb torque control and rail support

  • Familiar Scitanium® Core enables lesion access and facilitates device delivery
  • Short and long taper options for optimal rail support
  • Torque control to facilitate lesion access

Excellent tracking & placement

  • Polymer sleeve with ICE™ Hydrophilic Coating for excellent tracking
  • Polymer tip enables smooth device delivery
  • 2 cm radiopaque tip intended to enhance visibility for accurate wire placement

Long Taper

Short Taper

Ordering Information

DescriptionUPN (1 per box)
V-14 Short Taper 182 cm Straight TipH74939216718210
V-14 Short Taper 182 cm Angled TipH74939216718220
V-14 Short Taper 300 cm Straight TipH74939216730010
V-14 Short Taper 300 cm Angled TipH74939216730020
V-14 Long Taper 182 cm Straight TipH74939216918210
V-14 Long Taper 182 cm Angled TipH74939216918220
V-14 Long Taper 300 cm Straight TipH74939216930010
V-14 Long Taper 300 cm Angled TipH74939216930020