Hydrophilic Guidewire

A 100 percent hydrophilic guidewire designed for smooth passage.
Available in two tip configurations to facilitate cannulation of the biliary ducts in a variety of therapeutic cases.
The torqueing device aids in providing a one-to-one torque response.

The NaviPro Hydrophilic Guidewire is a 100 percent hydrophilic guidewire designed for cannulation and smooth passage through tortuous anatomy.

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Important Procedural Note

To activate the Hydrophilic coating, prior to removing the guidewire from its dispenser, inject a sterile saline solution into the luer lock hub using a syringe.

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Ordering Information

Order NumberGuidewire Diameter(inches /mm) Tip  Packaging
M00556191.018 / 0.46AngledBox 5
M00556181.018 / 0.46StraightBox 5
M00556211.025 / 0.64AngledBox 5
M00556201.025 / 0.64StraightBox 5
M00556231.035 / 0.89AngledBox 5
M00556221.035 / 0.89StraightBox 5
M00556251.035 / 0.89Angled StiffBox 5
M00556241.035 / 0.89Straight StiffBox 5

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