High Performance Guidewire

Striped movement markers designed to indicate wire positioning during advancement and device exchange
Forms an Alpha Loop to facilitate effective access into the targeted duct

The Dreamwire High Performance Guidewire has a 10cm hydrophilic Dream Tip™ End, designed for soft, smooth access. Its Endo-Glide™ Coating promotes smoooth tracking and enhances tactile sensation.



Product Details

The Dreamwire High Performance Guidewire shown forming an alpha loop as it passes through a stricture.


Gains access into targeted duct.


Alpha loop begins to form.


Guidewire encounters an obstacle (stone, stricture) and forms as an Alpha Loop.


Guidewire successfully passes through the obstruction.


The Dreamwire High Performance Guidewire is designed for use with the RX Locking Device.

Guidewire locks in place to maintain access.

  • Guidewire may be locked and unlocked at any time during the procedure.
  • Facilitates device exchange, contrast injection and biliary therapy.


Side-loading Torque Device designed for effective guidewire tip manipulation.

  • Engineered to facilitate deep cannulation of the common bile duct.
  • The Endo-Glide Coating promotes smooth tracking and enhances tactile sensation.
  • Kink-resistant, nitinol shaft engineered for wire control and manipulation capabilities.

Ordering Information

Order NumberDescriptionDistal Tip O.D. (in)Working Length (cm)Dream Tip StyleTipPackaging
M00556101Dreamwire ST Guidewire.035260StraightRoundBox 2
M00556111Dreamwire ANG Guidewire.035260AngledRoundBox 2
M00556121Dreamwire ST Stiff Guidewire.035260StraightRoundBox 2
M00556131Dreamwire ANG Stiff Guidewire.035260AngledRoundBox 2
Dreamwire ST Guidewire
.035450StraightRoundBox 2
M00556151Dreamwire ANG Guidewire.035450AngledRoundBox 2
M00556161Dreamwire ST Stiff Guidewire.035450StraightRoundBox 2
M00556171Dreamwire ANG Stiff Guidewire.035450AngledRoundBox 2