Endoscopic HeliX Tacking System

X-tack™ allows for suture-based, deep submucosal and intramuscular enhanced fixation through a standard gastroscope or colonoscope. Designed specifically for applications in the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract, X-Tack™ delivers precision to your defect closures.

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The next evolution in defect closure

Placing independent barbed HeliX Tacks, tethered with a single polypropylene suture, makes spanning and closing large or irregular shaped defects easier. Applying suture tension approximates margins, allowing for visual confirmation of closure prior to locking the suture construct.

Key Advantages

Product design

Enhanced fixation, low profile

HeliX Tacks are designed with barbs for enhanced fixation in deep submucosal and intramuscular gastrointestinal tissue. Optimized length and flat driving tip deliver a low-profile, suture-based construct.
closure overview

Easily span difficult defects

HeliX Tacks tethered with a polypropylene suture allow for independent, through-the-scope placement of fixation points, eliminating the challenge of spanning defects.
how it works

Precise closure

Applying suture tension approximates margins allowing for visual confirmation of defect closure prior to locking suture construct.

X-Tack™ endoscopic heliX tacking system overview

How it works

Key Features

x-tack helix handle
X-Tack™ Handle features a Persian Drill that translates linear motion into rotation using the Finger Slider.
diseno sin titulo
The first HeliX Tack is preloaded and three additional reloadable HeliX Tacks are readily available to quickly add up to four points of fixation.
Suture cinch
The suture Cinch simultaneously facilitates final suture tension, locks construct, and cuts excess suture.

Specifications & Usage recommendations

The X-Tack™ Endoscopic HeliX Tacking System is compatible with gastroscopes (up to 155 cm) and colonoscopes (up to 235 cm) with a 2.8mm or larger working channel. The X-Tack™ System is intended for approximation of soft tissue in minimally invasive gastroenterology procedures (e.g. closure and healing of ESD/EMR sites, and closing of fistula, perforation or leaks). The X-Tack™ System is not intended for hemostasis of acute bleeding ulcers. For complete safety information, refer to the Instructions for Use GRF-00539-00, available at Apolloendo.com/dfus.
SKU available at apollo.com/DFUsDescriptionPkg Qty
X-TACK-160-HX-Tack™ Endoscopic HeliX Tacking System (160cm)3 Units
X-TACK-235-HX-Tack™ Endoscopic HeliX Tacking System (235cm)3 Units
CNH-C01-213-LSuture Cinch – Long6 Units
CNH-G01-000OverStitch™ Suture Cinch6 Units
ES26165-3Ensizor® Endoscopic Scissors (165cm)3 Units
ES26235-3Ensizor® Endoscopic Scissors (235cm)3 Units