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  • Direxion™ Torqueable Microcatheter

    Reposition without a wire.
    First Nitinol microcatheter for enhanced Steerability and Control.
    NOW with improved tip shapes and hydrophilic coating - Direxion™ combines a slotted nitinol hypotube technology with a fully customizable portfolio of microcatheters for clinical flexibility.

    1. Interventional Radiology
  • FATHOM™ Steerable Guidewires

    The FATHOM Steerable Guidewires combine a nitinol hypotube distal segment with advanced microfabrication technology, creating a design that revolutionizes access of the most tortuous vasculature.
    Now available in NEW lengths and Angled Tip for Fathom-16.

    1. Interventional Radiology
  • Interlock™ Fibered IDC™ Occlusion System Family

    Associates Precision & Control of a detachable coil to the powerful Thrombogenicity of a fibered coil configuration. The Interlocking arm is designed to allow the coil to be advanced and retracted before final placement. Synthetic streamlined oriented & dense fibers onto the platinum coil improve stasis for more confidence in occlusion. Available in a broad range of product sizes, Interlock™ Fibered occlusion system offers precise treatment and clinical flexibility.

    1. Interventional Radiology
  • Renegade™ HI-FLO™ Microcatheter, Kits and Systems

    Excellent visibility without compromising kink resistance.

    1. Interventional Radiology
    2. Interventional Oncology