SpyGlass™ Discover

Digital Catheter

The SpyGlass Discover System was adapted from the latest SpyGlass™ DS II technology, to enable surgeons to perform intra-operative:

• CBD stone clearance, including trans-cystic lithotripsy, during LCBDE
• Visual and biopsy-guided mapping of cancer margins during resection of cholangiocarcinoma or MD-IPMN
• Visualization and therapeutic treatment via percutaneous access



Product Details

Easy set-up of the SpyGlass Discover System

Lockable four-way steering and short tip deflection:

  • Made to navigate from the cystic duct into the distal/proximal CBD and intra-hepatic ducts
  • Made to target stones with lithotripsy or basket
Spyglass Discover
Ergonomic and lightweight. Provides four-way steering, allowing for navigation throughout the billiary system.
Spyglass Discover
Consists of imaging sensor, dual light sources, dual dedicated irrigation, 1.2mm working channel. Equipped for use in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


Direction of view0 degrees (forward viewing)
Field of view120 degrees in air
Distal tip width10.5 F (3.5 mm)
Maximum insertion portion width10.8 F (3.6 mm)
Working length65 cm
Minimum accessory channel width1.2 mm (3.6 F)
Minimum angulation range30 degrees with accessory device in working channel

Ordering Information

Order Number
Product DescriptionCable Diameter (in/mm)
M00546780SpyScope Discover Access and Delivery CatheterBox 1
M00542950SpyGlass Discover Digital ControllerBox 1