Support Catheter


Product Details

Rubicon 14 Support Catheter is designed to facilitate crossing of tight occlusions.

With an ultra-low lesion entry profile, a strong next-generation distal tip for superior push, and three radiopaque markers, Rubicon is engineered for excellent cross — giving you every advantage when tackling challenging lesions. 

Ultra-low 0.018" lesion entry profile

  • Enhances lesion access and entry
  • Facilitates crossing of tight occlusions and challenging vasculature
  • Enables delivery with and exchange of 0.014” guidewires

Best-in-class push

  • Robust balloon catheter tip design maximizes pushability
  • Strong shaft material and hydrophilic coating facilitates excellent cross

Excellent visibility

  • Three radiopaque markers offer enhanced visibility on imaging equipment
  • Contrasting purple tip simplifies wire backloading
  • Clear shaft provides visibility of bleedback