Diagnostic Catheter

Flextrusion technology for a smooth transition from stiff proximal shaft to soft distal segment.

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Product Detail

Flextrusion Technology

  • Soft distal segment is designed to reduce potential for vessel trauma, allowing safe engagement and coaxial alignment in the vessel
  • Smooth transition is designed to allow for better conformity to the anatomy and more controlled distal torque response

Anatomy Specific Designs

  • Left and right catheters are designed differently to meet the unique requirements of the left and right coronaries
  • Left catheter is designed for outstanding engagement
  • Right catheter is designed for excellent distal torque response when engaging the right coronary

Design and Performance Dynamics

  • Firm catheter shaft for users preferring a passive diagnostic catheter
  • Variety of curve styles
  • Soft primary curve to help minimize vessel trauma
  • Available in 5F (0.045"; 0.047" FL4) and 6F (0.056") sizes