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Blazer II XP Catheter
BLAZER II XP Catheter & Large Tip Options
BLAZER II XP Catheter & Large Tip Options



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Physician Perspective

Blazer Ablation Catheter: Prospective from Prof Da Costa

Product Details

Exceptional Clinical Results 

  • Exceptional Safety Profile1
  • Longer tips are proven to complete bi-directional block with:
    • Fewer RF applications3
    • Shorter procedure time3
    • Less radiation exposure time3


Market leading ablation catheter for right sided procedures.
The Data Speaks for Itself…

Blazer II XP – FDA data for Atrial flutter (Type 1) - 250 patients
Prospective – non Randomize– mulicenter study1

Prospective – non Ranodmize – mulicenter study

Blazer II XP™ 10 mm

Atrial flutter recurrence
1,2% / yr

Navistar DS® 8 mm

Atrial flutter recurrence
10,1% / yr

Navistar Themocool®

Atrial flutter recurrence
6,7% / yr

198 patients

19 months of follow up


“The long-term risk of recurrence was lower when we using the 10mm-tip catheter and the survival free of a second procedure was higher among patients treated with this catheter.”4

Prospective – Ranodmize – single center study
60 patients - 6 months of follow up

In comparison to the OI catheter, the usage of LTC is associated at low rate of recurrence and CTI is achieved more quickly 

 Blazer II XP
Acute Success Rate87%83%
Recurrence Rate0%10%
Ilg at al.5
Blazer II Effective
* Recurrence rate with mean follow-up at 6 months. ** Recurrence rate per year with mean follow-up at 19 months.


Prospective – non Ranodmize – mulicenter study

Blazer II XP™ 8mm | Blazer II XP™

The data also demonstrate that the 10-mm ablation electrode catheter may allow ablation of AFL to be performed more rapidly and with fewer RF applications compared with the 8-mm ablation electrode catheter.6



“Complete conduction block across the CTI is achieved more quickly with a LTC (large tip catheter) than an OITC (open irrigated tip catheter)”7
Blazer II Efficient

Download the articles

Ilg et al - Randomized Comparison of CTI Ablation for Atrial Flutter Using an OI-Tip versus a Large-Tip RF Ablation Catheter.
Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology Vol. 22, No. 9, September 2011 doi: 10.1111/j.1540-8167.2011.02045.x

Leira et al - Improved Flutter Ablation Outcomes Using a 10mm-tip Ablation Catheter
Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Journal (ISSN 0972-6292), 10 (11): 496-502 (2010)

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