Fixed Curve Diagnostic Catheters

VIKING™ and VIKING™ Soft Tip Diagnostic Catheters
VIKING™ Diagnostic Catheter
VIKING™ and VIKING™ Soft Tip Diagnostic Catheters
VIKING™ Diagnostic Catheter

Featuring proprietary STABILENE™ polymer for added softness and stability. The VIKING™ Soft Tip was introduced to give physicians an even greater choice for enhanced stability and signal quality.

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Product Details

The VIKING™ Soft Tip Diagnostic Catheter combines a firm shaft with a soft, flexible tip. STABILENE™ polymer adds stability, while synchronizing the tip to a moving endocardium.

Ideal Solution for Price and Performance

The VIKING™ catheter is built with the performance characteristics of the WOVEN™ but at a lower cost.

Lasting Contact and Stability

  • Constructed with STABILENE™, a proprietary polymer which helps minimize the effect of endocardial bounce.
  • STABILENE™ polymer construction assures consistent, long-term wall contact with less repositioning.

Enhanced Control

  • Designed with a double-stranded stainless steel braid shaft to provide more precise torque control and accurate positioning.
  • Compression-fit electrodes facilitates excellent signal quality.
  • STABILENE™ polymer reliably synchronizes the tip to a moving endocardium.
  • Excellent curve retention coupled with STABILENE™ reliability.