Steerable Diagnostic Catheters

POLARIS X Catheter handle
POLARIS X Steerable Diagnostic Catheter
POLARIS X Catheter handle has an ergonomic piston design to help reduce hand fatigue during long procedures.
POLARIS X Steerable Diagnostic Catheter with a soft distal tip provides greater tip stability.

Intuitive handling with precise maneuverability. The POLARIS X™ Catheter is designed to provide accurate, sharp electrograms from the left atrium when positioned in the coronary sinus.

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Product Details

Precise steering control allows for continuous curve adjustment, providing access to challenging sites such as the CS and PVs

  • Variety of configurations for site specific mapping
  • Ergonomic piston design offers enhanced actuation and handling comfort
  • Directional dimple on slide mechanism facilitates tactile recognition of actuation curve plane
  • Handle shape designed to comfortably rest in palm of the hand to reduce hand fatigue during long mapping procedures
Polaris X Ergonomic Handle
POLARIS X Ergonomic Handle with Precise Maneuverability
Description Specifications
Shaft Diameter 6F
Usable Length 105cm
Electrode Material Platinum/Iridium
Curve Size 270° standard
Curve Direction Unidirectional
Configuration Decapolar
Polaris X 270° Standard Curve
POLARIS X 270° Standard Curve