Steerable Diagnostic Catheter

EP XT™ Steerable Diagnostic Catheter
EP XT™ Steerable Diagnostic Catheter

Built on the trusted DYNAMIC XT™ platform with a modified handle for versatility. Provides smooth, precise control of tip for reliable positioning.

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With over a million procedures performed worldwide over the past 30 years, Boston Scientific’s portfolio of therapeutic & diagnostic catheters remains the industry gold standard.

With over 200 different models featuring sophisticated design, ease of use and proven reliability, our catheter portfolio empowers EP cardiologists to treat their patients with unparalleled performance, stability and safety, without compromise.
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Product Details

The EP XT™ Steerable Catheter offers an exceptional blend of shaft stability and curve control for faster, more accurate mapping. Exclusive point-of-tip actuation control supplies exceptional levels of tip response and control. This extraordinary family of small, medium and long reach curves provides clinical versatility and reliable performance in a wide variety of human anatomies.

  • Patented curving mechanism allows smooth, precise incremental movement.
  • Spring-coil core and wire-braided outer jacket designed to provide superior column stability.
Unique, user-friendly thumbwheel handle provides exceptional control
Curve shape control technology designed to eliminate unwanted tip movement