Stone Cone™

Nitinol Retrieval Coil

Designed to sweep multiple stone fragments.

The backboard device that prevents retropulsion and keeps the procedure simple.The Stone Cone Nitinol Retrieval Coil is an effective backboard that keeps simple cases simple. It helps increase procedural efficiency by preventing retropulsion of stones up the ureter and into the kidney – potentially eliminating the need for a flexible scope during the case.

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Product Details

Effective Antiretropulsion Device

  • Designed to prevent stone migration during lithotripsy1
  • Designed to increase stone fragmentation efficiency2

Sweeps Multiple Stone Fragments

  • Facilitates safe extraction of stone fragments1
  • Designed to release stones when necessary1

Designed for Ease of Use

  • May be placed under direct visualization or fluoroscopy

Ordering Information

M0063903100Stone Cone Nitinol Retrieval Coil3.0F x 115cm x 7mm CoilEach
M0063903200Stone Cone Nitinol Retrieval Coil3.0F x 115cm x 10mm CoilEach



1. Desai MR, Patel SB, Desai MM,et al. The Dretler stone cone: a device to prevent ureteral stone migration-the initial clinical experience. J Urol. 2002 May;167(5):1985-8

2. Jonat et al, Anti-Retropulsion Devices Increase Stone Fragmentation Efficiency with Holmium:YAG Laser Lithotripsy, EUS 2009 Annual Meeting, Abstract #65.