Stone Cone™

Nitinol Retrieval Coil

Designed for use with lithotripsy during ureteroscopy.
Designed to sweep multiple stone fragments.

Anti-retropulsion device designed to prevent stone migration and increase stone fragmentation efficiency during lithotripsy.

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Product Details

Effective Antiretropulsion Device

  • Designed to prevent stone migration during lithotripsy1
  • Designed to increase stone fragmentation efficiency2
  • Designed to resist stray holmium laser energy

Sweeps Multiple Stone Fragments

  • Facilitates safe extraction of stone fragments1
  • Designed to release stones when necessary

Designed for Ease of Use

  • May be placed under direct visualization or fluoroscopy
  • Quick release handle facilitates scope exchanges

Latex Information

This product contains no detectable latex.


Ordering Information

UPN Description Size Quantity
M0063903100 Stone Cone Nitinol Retrieval Coil 3.0F x 115cm x 7mm Coil Each
M0063903200 Stone Cone Nitinol Retrieval Coil 3.0F x 115cm x 10mm Coil Each


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1. Desai et al, The Dretler Stone Cone: A Device to Prevent Ureteral Stone Migration – The Initial Clinical Experience, J of Urology, 2002;167:1985-8.

2. Jonat et al, Anti-Retropulsion Devices Increase Stone Fragmentation Efficiency with Holmium:YAG Laser Lithotripsy, EUS 2009 Annual Meeting, Abstract #65.