Gateway™ Advantage


Designed to prevent irrigant backflow and secure devices inserted through ureteroscope working channels.

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Product Details

  • Provides a leak-resistant seal around guidewires, laser fibers, retrieval devices and other devices
  • Designed for smooth introduction and removal of urological devices
  • Y-Adapter design for additional irrigation connection or contrast injection
  • Tuohy Borst valve with easy-to-adjust thumb screw closure designed for passage of devices up to 8F
  • Blue luer seal provides the flexibility of connecting to irrigant tubing or creating a leak-resistant seal around urological devices up to 3F
  • Rotatable male luer connection designed for easy connection to ureteroscope port providing case efficiency and flexibility to adapt to needs of the case

Latex Information

This product contains no detectable latex.


Ordering Information

M0067301501Gateway Advantage Y–AdapterBox 10

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