Guide Sheath

Make smooth work of challenging anatomy with support at every turn.
Catapult™ is a new-generation guide sheath designed to balance the competing priorities of support and atraumatic passage for your endovascular procedures.
It expands your ability to achieve arterial and/or venous access and successfully deliver supporting therapies through any anatomy (for cross-over, carotid, renal, iliac, femoral-popliteal, or below-the-knee procedures).

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Product Detail

The Catapult Guide Sheath offers an atraumatic tip with smooth transitions from sheath-dilator to dilator-wire, along with a kink- and crush-resistant shaft that ensures excellent pushability. Additionally, it provides a broad range of tip configurations, French sizes, and lengths. These key components contribute to its functionality during peripheral endovascular procedures.
Sheath Design
The Catapult™ Guide Sheath system is indicated to be used for the introduction of interventional and diagnostic devices into the peripheral (and coronary) vasculature.
Detachable haemostatic valve 
Allows easy and secure connection while also providing more optionality in complex cases.
Dilator with snap fit 
Allows for safe and secure connection and insertion:
  • In order to lock, you slide in until you hear and feel it click
  • When releasing the hold, you simply angle it slightly and it will release
Atraumatic tip transitions 
Designed for easy insertion with smooth transitions from sheath to dilator and dilator to wire.
This design helps minimise trauma to the vessel when curved.

Platinum-iridium marker band for excellent radiopacity


Reinforced coil-shaft technology is kink-resistant and maintains circular inner diameter even when curved

These components work together to provide stability, support, and controlled access for the delivery of devices during peripheral endovascular procedures. They play a crucial role in ensuring successful navigation, device deployment, and hemostasis during the intervention.
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Tip shape options

Tortuous anatomy poses unique challenges. The Catapult Guide Sheath provides the lengths, sizes, control, and performance to allow easier device passage in tight spaces, so you can be confident in providing the highest quality of care.
5 tip shapes
Catapult 5 tip shapes.png
* Not available on all sizes, see ordering information
4F to 8F sizes & 15-90 cm lengths
Catapult French Sizes.png

UPN codes & product descriptions

French sizeCatheter lengthTip shapeProduct descriptionUPNs
4F15cmStraightCatapult 4F 15cm StraightEU-34015-F-ST-H
4F45cmStraightCatapult 4F 45cm StraightEU-34045-F-ST-H
4F60cmStraightCatapult 4F 60cm StraightEU-34060-F-ST-H
4F90cmStraightCatapult 4F 90cm StraightEU-34090-F-ST-H
5F15cmStraightCatapult 5F 15cm StraightEU-35015-F-ST-H
5F45cmMultipurposeCatapult 5F 45cm MultipurposeEU-35045-F-MP-H
5F45cmRDC Catapult 5F 45cm Renal Double CurveEU-35045-F-RDC-H
5F45cmHockey StickCatapult 5F 45cm Hockey StickEU-35045-F-HS-H
5F45cmStraightCatapult 5F 45cm StraightEU-35045-F-ST-H
5F60cmStraightCatapult 5F 60cm StraightEU-35060-F-ST-H
5F90cmStraightCatapult 5F 90cm StraightEU-35090-F-ST-H
6F15cmStraightCatapult 6F 15cm StraightEU-36015-F-ST-H
6F45cmStraightCatapult 6F 45cm StraightEU-36045-F-ST-H
6F45cmMultipurposeCatapult 6F 45cm MultipurposeEU-36045-F-MP-H
6F45cmLIMACatapult 6F 45cm LIMAEU-36045-F-LIMA-H
6F45cmRDCCatapult 6F 45cm Renal Double CurveEU-36045-F-RDC-H
6F45cmHockey StickCatapult 6F 45cm Hockey StickEU-36045-F-HS-H
6F60cmStraightCatapult 6F 60cm StraightEU-36060-F-ST-H
6F90cmStraightCatapult 6F 90cm StraightEU-36090-F-ST-H
6F90cmMultipurposeCatapult 6F 90cm MultipurposeEU-36090-F-MP-H
6F90cmRDCCatapult 6F 90cm Renal Double CurveEU-36090-F-RDC-H
6F90cmHockey StickCatapult 6F 90cm Hockey StickEU-36090-F-HS-H
7F15cmStraightCatapult 7F 15cm StraightEU-37015-F-ST-H
7F45cmStraightCatapult 7F 45cm StraightEU-37045-F-ST-H
7F45cmMultipurposeCatapult 7F 45cm MultipurposeEU-37045-F-MP-H
7F45cmLIMACatapult 7F 45cm LIMAEU-37045-F-LIMA-H
7F45cmRDCCatapult 7F 45cm Renal Double CurveEU-37045-F-RDC-H
7F45cmHockey StickCatapult 7F 45cm Hockey StickEU-37045-F-HS-H
7F60cmStraightCatapult 7F 60cm StraightEU-37060-F-ST-H
7F90cmStraightCatapult 7F 90cm StraightEU-37090-F-ST-H
7F90cmMultipurposeCatapult 7F 90cm MultipurposeEU-37090-F-MP-H
7F90cmHockey StickCatapult 7F 90cm Hockey StickEU-37090-F-HS-H
8F15cmStraightCatapult 8F 15cm StraightEU-38015-F-ST-H
8F45cmStraightCatapult 8F 45cm StraightEU-38045-F-ST-H
8F60cmStraightCatapult 8F 60cm StraightEU-38060-F-ST-H
8F90cmStraightCatapult 8F 90cm StraightEU-38090-F-ST-H