Steerable Sheath

DIREX™ Steerable Sheath
Soft Atraumatic Tip and Radiopaque Marker Band
DIREX™ Steerable Sheath
Soft Atraumatic Tip and Radiopaque Marker Band

The DIREX™ Steerable Sheath is a low profile, bidirectional steerable sheath that provides agility and stability through excellent catheter access and support.

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Product Details

  • Bidirectional steering allows dual deflection for maximum maneuverability
  • Soft, atraumatic tip to reduce the potential for trauma during transseptal crossings
  • Steerable sheath facilitates access to hard-to-reach sites
  • Braided shaft provides exceptional torqueability, pushability, and kink resistance
  • Hemostatic Valve enables hemostasis, seals down to a 0.014 inch guidewire
  • Compatible with guidewires up to 0.038"/0.97mm
  • Ergonomic handle offers precise control and more comfort
The DIREX™ Steerable Sheath's low profile design and atraumatic tip to reduce the potential for trauma during transseptal crossings while facilitating passage of a wide variety of catheters. By combining a low profile, a braid reinforced shaft, and a reliable hemostatic seal technology, the DIREX™ Steerable Sheath offers physicians precise control during EP procedures.
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