VISUAL ICE™: Cryoablation Needles

Image-guided cryoablation needles used with CT systems enable cryoablation visualization for optimal tumor coverage and improved CT artifact.


Image-Guided Cryoablation Needles

Used with CT systems, image-guided cryoablation needles enable cryoablation visualization for optimal tumor coverage and improved CT artifact. CX needles also have helium-free thaw options, and a cautery function which allows for track ablation to be performed, creating a uniform zone of coagulative necrosis.

Classic Needle Details

Classic Image-Guided Needles 

  • Straight or angled 90° needle configurations in a choice of lengths and diameters
  • Three-facet sharp needle tip of easy percutaneous insertion and control
  • Accurate shaft distance markers to optimize needle placement
  • Lightweight handles to minimize torque on inserted needles, with color-coding for ease of identification
  • Unibody closed-tube design which minimizes risk of gas leakage vs welded tip designs
Needle Order ReferenceShaft Length (cm)Gauge (G)
1.5 Family   
IceSeed™ 1.5 straightH749396223201017.517
IceSeed™ 1.5 90°H749396233202017.517
IceSphere™ 1.5 straightH749396253558017.517
IceSphere™ 1.5 90°FPRPR356017.517
IceSphere™ 1.5 S 90°H749396273561017.517
IceRod™ 1.5 PLUS straightFPRPR351010.017
IceRod™ 1.5 PLUS 90°FPRPR350817.517
IceRod™ 1.5 straightFPRPR320317.517
IceRod™ 1.5 I-Thaw™ straightH749396494009017.517

CX Needle Details

CX Image-Guided Cryoablation Needles 

CX needles have all the benefits of Classic needles, along with:

  • An integral heater to offer:
    • Cautery function for track ablation
    • Helium-free thaw options (i-Thaw™ and FastThaw™)
  • Non-stick coating on distal shaft for ease of needle manoeuvrability and removal
Needle Order ReferenceShaft Length (cm)Gauge (G)Track Ablation Radial Width/Length
1.5 Family    
IceSphere™ 1.5 CX 90°H749396153573017.5172.1-2.5mm / 14mm
IceRod™ 1.5 CX 90°H749396143533017.5172.3mm / 30mm
2.1 Family    
IceForce™ 2.1 CX straightH749396193604017.5142.5mm / 29mm
IceForce™ 2.1 CX 90°H749396173602017.5142.5mm / 29mm
IceForce™ 2.1 CX L 90°H749396213618023.0142.5mm / 29mm
IcePearl™ 2.1 CX straightH749396183603017.5142.1mm / 13mm
IcePearl™ 2.1 CX 90°H749396163601017.5142.1mm / 13mm
IcePearl™ 2.1 CX L 90°H749396203617023.0142.1mm / 13mm
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