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A New Standard Of Care In SFA Stenting

Eluvia Drug-Eluting Stent Technology

Eluvia™ drug-eluting stent offers sustained drug release, with the lowest drug dose density, delivered by the most proven polymer

Next-generation technology

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Built for sustained drug release and efficient drug transfer.

Eluvia is designed to meet the challenges of the superior femoral artery (SFA) with outstanding flexibility and precise stent placement. Only the Eluvia™ drug-eluting stent (DET) offers sustained drug release to match the restenosis process in the SFA, with the lowest drug dose density1 delivered by the most proven polymer.

Polymer designed for controlled drug release

Eluvia has the lowest drug dose density1 (0.167 μg/mm2) delivered by the world’s most proven polymer. It ensures targeted delivery to the lesion and features the lowest systemic drug exposure for the patient among all peripheral paclitaxel-based technologies2.

EluviaInfographic showing TransPax is lipophilic and TransPax is hydrophobic.

Eluvia's downstream impact


Eluvia size matrix


Triaxial delivery system

Built for more precise and predictable stent placement.

Innova self-expanding nitinol stent system for Superficial Femoral Artery (SFA)


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