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Ranger Randomised Controlled Trials

Explore the evidence-backed solution to overcome peripheral arterial disease (PAD) through the innovative use of Ranger the next-generation drug-coated balloon. ​
Boston Scientific is the first company to voluntarily evaluate our drug-coated balloon against another drug-coated balloon (DCB) in a level-1 randomised controlled trial for comparative effectiveness.
Ranger DCB has consistently demonstrated impressive results, with almost 90% patency at 12 months in both the RANGER II SFA and COMPARE trials.​

RANGER II SFA Randomised controlled trial.png

RANGER II SFA is a prospective, multi-Center, randomised controlled trial Ranger™ Drug-Coated Balloon vs. Uncoated Balloon (3:1). Follow-up through 5-Years​

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COMPARE Randomised controlled trial.png

COMPARE is the world’s first head-to-head prospective, RCT (1:1) comparing low dose Ranger™ DCB (2 μg/mm2) to higher dose IN.PACT™ DCB (3.5 μg/mm2)​

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  1. Ranger II SFA: Sachar R, Soga Y, Ansari MM, et al; RANGER II SFA Investigators. 1-Year Results From the RANGER II SFA Randomized Trial of the Ranger Drug-Coated Balloon. JACC Cardiovasc Interv. 2021;14(10):1123–1133.​

  2. Compare: Steiner S, Schmidt A, Zeller T, et al. COMPARE: prospective, randomized, non-inferiority trial of high- vs. low-dose paclitaxel drug-coated balloons for femoropopliteal interventions. Eur Heart J. 2020;41(27):2541–2552.​

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