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Truly focused DBS therapy requires a system approach

Getting truly focused DBS therapy can’t be done with a directional lead alone. It requires a system—a directional lead and an IPG that’s advanced enough to allow each electrode to be programmed independently.

The only system that allows for that level of precise targeting are the Vercise DBS Directional Systems.* With current steering powered by MICC, you have precise control over every single contact point, creating the opportunity to generate millions of unique fields with each electrode.

With this level of control, you choose the neural targets you want to stimulate. You also choose what you don’t want to stimulate, engineered to give you the power to to avoid the side effects that can come from unwanted stimulation.

Powered by the most advanced, multiple source Systems

Our Directional IPGs have Multiple Independent Current Control (MICC), which allows you to program each of the lead’s electrodes independently. This is what allows the current to be steered directly to the areas you want to target, and away from the areas you don’t.
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See the difference between directional stimulation with a
single source system and MICC


Why not a directional lead with a single source system?

Even though directional leads are designed for more precision in neural targeting, with a single source system, you can’t program contacts individually, and the lead may be inadvertently stimulating areas you don’t want while trying to target the areas you do.
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Professor Volkmann explains why directional
leads perform better with MICC


Follow our lead to more precise DBS therapy with the Cartesia™ Directional Lead

Unlike single-source directional systems, each contact on the Cartesia Lead has its own power source, so you’ll have more control over the stimulation.
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Elegant, Intuitive Programming

An elegant solution to programming directionality, the Vercise Directional Systems next generation programming software allows you to use One Touch buttons and visualize the volume of tissue to be activated with STIMVIEW™ technology. This latest generation of directional programming allows you to meet the changing needs of your patients and customizing to individual physiologies.
Vercise DBS physician product details

Prof. Volkmann discusses an algorithm for keeping directional programming simple and intuitive.