Dilation Assisted Stone Extraction (DASE)

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Dilation Assisted Stone Extraction Procedure
Animation Dilating the Sphincter of Oddi to remove difficult stones in the biliary duct
Facilitates placement within tight strictures and tortuous anatomy*
Rounded shoulders designed to facilitate visualization of stricture while dilating
Alliance™ II Inflation System

The DASE procedure using the CRE™ Wireguided Balloon for endoscopic dilatation of the Sphincter of Oddi with or without prior sphincterotomy helps facilitate removal of bile duct stones.

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Ordering Information

CRE™ Single-Use Wireguided Biliary Balloon Dilators (Indicated for Use in the DASE Procedure)
Order NumberBalloon Inflated O.D. (mm)Balloon Inflated O.D. (Fr)Balloon Length (cm)Inflation Pressure (ATM)Inflation Pressure (kPa)Minimum Working Channel (mm)Catheter Size (Fr)Working Length (cm)Packaging
M005586006-7-818-21-245.53-6-10304-608-10132.8 / 3.2* / 3.2 (B1)7.5180Each
M005586108-9-1024-27-305.53-5.5-9304-557-9122.8 / 3.2* / 3.2 (B1)7.5180Each
M0055862010-11-1230-33-365.53-5-8304-507-8112.8 / 3.2* / 3.2 (B1)7.5180Each
M0055863012-13.5-1536-40.5-455.53-4.5-8304-456-8112.8 / 3.2* / 3.2 (B1)7.5180Each
M0055864015-16.5-1845-49.5-545.53-4.5-7304-456-7092.8 / 3.2*/ 3.7 / 4.2 (B2)7.5180Each
M00558650**18-19-2054-57-605.53-4.5-6304-456-6082.8 / 3.2*/ 3.7 / 4.2 (B2)7.5180Each
Order NumberBalloon Inflated O.D. (mm)Balloon Inflated O.D. (Fr)Balloon Length (cm)Inflation Pressure (ATM)Inflation Pressure (kPa)Minimum Working Channel (mm)Catheter Size (Fr)Working Length (cm)Packaging
M005586606-7-818-21-245.53-6-10304-608-10132.8 / 3.2* / 3.2 (B1)7.5240Each
M005586708-9-1024-27-305.53-5.5-9304-557-9122.8 / 3.2* / 3.2 (B1)7.5240Each
M0055868010-11-1230-33-365.53-5-8304-507-8112.8 / 3.2* / 3.2 (B1)7.5240Each
M0055869012-13.5-1536-40.5-455.53-4.5-8304-456-8112.8 / 3.2* / 3.2 (B1)7.5240Each
M0055870015-16.5-1845-49.5-545.53-4.5-7304-456-7092.8 / 3.2*/ 3.7 / 4.2 (B2)7.5240Each
M00558710**18-19-2054-57-605.53-4.5-6304-456-6082.8 / 3.2*/ 3.7 / 4.2 (B2)7.5240Each

Recommended Inflation Device: Alliance™ II Integrated Inflation System Handle Order #5062, Sterile Syringe Order #5060. (See below)

Guidewire included and preloaded in balloon catheter.

*Requires a 2.8mm Olympus™ Brand Endoscope channel or a 3.2mm Pentax™ or Fujinon™ Brand Endoscope channel.

**These codes do not contain the under balloon RO Markers pictured above.

(B1)= Indication requires ≥ 3.2mm Duodenoscope channel

(B2)= Indication requires ≥ 4.2mm Duodenoscope channel

The Alliance II Inflation System
Order NumberDescriptionPackaging
M00550620Inflation HandleEach
M00550601Single-Use Syringe / Gauge AssemblyBox 5

Clinical Information

     A Collection of Dilation Assisted Stone Extraction (DASE) Abstracts

Presented by a number of physicians

     Literature Review, Step-by-Step Technique Guide and Case Study of DASE Procedure

Presented by Drs. Oleh Haluszka, Thomas E. Kowalski, and Jeffrey Tokar (USA)


Case Studies

* Wireguided only