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Infection prevention in Endoscopy is gaining more and more attention. Every year tens of millions of patients benefit from endoscopic procedures. Improper cleaning of endoscopes may lead to failure of high-level disinfection and sterilization procedures and may increase the potential risk for infection transmission to patients1. Boston Scientific is committed to the entire continuum of patient care including products and training designed to help our customers meet or exceed industry guidelines for infection prevention within the GI space.

Endoscope reprocessing manuals are complex and can be on average more than 100 pages and more than 150 steps. Consequently, one study has shown that key steps are skipped in the cleaning process 45% of the time and that two of the most critical steps, channel brushing and forced air drying, are performed according to instructions less than 50% of the time.1

Infection Prevention in Endoscopy

How much do you really know about Infection Prevention issues? Test your knowledge.

More and more clinical evidence is available about infection issues. How well do you know studies around Infection Prevention?

Enhance your knowledge on the most current information on infection risks associated with endoscopy and actions you can put in place to minimize them. Watch on-demand recordings of Boston Scientific’s educational webcast series at your leisure.

Boston Scientific Infection Prevention portfolio

The Boston Scientific Infection Prevention portfolio of products is designed to provide the components needed to comply with industry guidelines, mitigate cross-contamination risk, and reduce variablility during endoscope reprocessing.

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